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Here are links to podcast interviews that I've done:


September 13, 2019: KBOO, Beloved Community, with John Shuck:


September 5, 2019: Midnight Writer News, with S.T. Patrick: Click here


September 4, 2019: The Mind Renewed, with Julian Charles:


August 15, 2019: Beyond Reality Radio, with JV:


July 31, 2019: Discussions of Truth, with Ian Trottier:


July 25, 2019: Inside the Eye Live, with Dennis Fletcho:


July 18, 2019: Fortress on a Hill with Chris "Henri" Henrikson:


July 11, 2019: House at Pooh Corner with Jim Hogue:

Part 1:

Part 2:


May 14, 2019: Heresy Central with Kevin Barrett:

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