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June1, 2024

Times Change, The Ground Shifts Underfoot

Anyone else miss Monica’s trouble with Bill,
The cheap chatter of chuckling around the Hill?
Yeah, those were the days, wine and roses, the Dow,
Ol’ Bill scrapped welfare, and no one had a cow.
Into black numbers the Fed’s budget entered,
Mike Jordan’s Bulls kept the NBA centered.
A terror attack here, a Yugo-scrap there,
Window XP ran such smooth fine software,
Russia was dirt-poor, and gosh, wasn’t that great!
How fun to finally see Russkies prostrate.
The U.S. became sole superpower above it,
And all could say, «Boss, take this job and shove it.»
Then 9-11 darkened our fair skies,
And American strength now seemed but a guise,
Just as in ‘Nam by the rag-tag defeated,
As soldiers chased ghosts, the same strat’ repeated,
While spokespeople spake of success thereof,
And said victory was ours, at least kind-of.
Meanwhile China was our buddy if you remember,
Capitalist-crazy, in good standing a member,
Maybe a little too good, a little too strong,
Buying our T-bonds by the ten million-long,
Slow turning from white to an Eastern black swan,
For which Biden created the crisis Taiwan.
Vlad Putin as well now got tired of our guff,
And started to show some much sharper stuff,
Which offended the royalty in old Wash-town,
Now thinner-skinned than Joe Biden’s crown,
For when you’ve spent twenty years as top dog,
You tend to want the whole wide world to hog.
Funny how times change, ground shifts underfoot,
Countries evolve and don’t like to stay put,
Which bothers the royalty, who don’t get the fun:
«It ain’t broke, so don’t fix it,» they cry as one,
And send all the king’s horses to turn back the clock,
But Lewinsky’s moved on, the country’s in hock. 

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