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March 15, 2023

The New York Times Takes on Sy Hersch

I’m starting to wonder if the Times of New York

Is reporting the news or just basic pork,

Churned out by purveyors of deeds quite dark

Who take federal paychecks to hone the bark

Of policy mavens that our world shape,

Like making sure pipelines don’t transport but gape.


So now as an answer to Sy Hersch’s shout,

The Times with a tale now weirdly comes out,

And weird is the word, folks, from finish to start,

News without news, an exercise in word art,

Full of “maybes,” “might haves,” and “no firm conclusion.”

Why bother, then, with the story’s inclusion?


It says there’s “new evidence,” all fine and well,

But says not what it is, its type or its smell,

But seems to come from the right side of the Balt’,

Where grim Poles, Lith’s and Lat’s do Russia fault,

Though Ukes have no coast, for the Times that’s no prob’:

Those “Pro-Ukraine Groups” can pull off any job.


It’s some cool “proxy force” that can also use

All manner of diving tanks a-la Tom Cruise.

Yet one more Mission Impossible feat

Tom would dispatch in little more than a bleat

And with top-secret hush that he’d intuit,

Unlike Prez Big Mouth: “We will bring an end to it.”


The Times story says flat of Uke guilt there’s no proof,

Their bigwigs deny all, though Z’s stayed aloof.

Was this Russian false flag, something the pipes ate?

Or true Do-It-Yourself in its purest state?

No, the Times has covered up this one in lint,

Showing what’s not news is quite fit to print.

A brilliant prison escape, or really an FBI espionage operation?

A presidential election is gamed by one person who, despite exposure and national humiliation, goes on to become a national icon.

A businessman reunites by chance with a girl he gave advice to on a short plane ride 7 years earlier. She took his advice: now she's the star of a Broadway dance show.

A massive banana-plantations strike in Ecuador brings out the best and worst, the comic and the tragic, in American scheming.

My last novel. A false-flag operation in New Jersey may turn into war.