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February 15, 2021

Was Covid Really a Planned Pandemic?

Imagine the Scrooges all sitting around,

Wondering from where could new profit be found,

Or new ways to contort the life of the earth,

With post-Crash business having used up its mirth,

And too much flowing to small restaurants and shops,

So how to give pipsqueaks a bust in the chops?


Another recession? New crash on the Street?

Been there, done that, and it was all too discreet,

But a virus, now there’s an idea with legs

To get us right down to the small-profit dregs,

And make people stay home and buy from Saint Jeff,

Bankrupt the little guy and buy up what’s lef’.


Political fallout might sink the Blond Jerk,

But who ain’t tired of his mouth and his quirk?

Yes, a worldwide virus might just be the thing,

To juice the balance sheets and give life some zing,

And how nice it’d be to see China take hits,

And feel what it’s like to be down in the pits.


From Taiwan to Texas, t’will be mask on mouth,

The Sudanese muzzled, both north and South,

The virus results will be A, B, and C,

And the whoopees for us be One, Two and Three.

Simple as that, tell us what could be cooler

Than a trill’ in the bank, Covid as ruler?


Can it be true this was all planned just that way,

The Masters of U thinking Fate held no sway?

There are theories, some smart, that such was the game,

And dishing on poor Chinese bats is a shame,

Or maybe with Covid the Masters jumped fast,

And molded events and as usual laughed last.


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