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APRIL 5, 2019





That noise that all heard was the squawk of despair,

When Biden crouched low to sit on his chair,

At table with Bernie and many a rose,

And down fell Joe to sore awkward pose,

For his butt found itself of chair full bereft,

Both table and chairs having moved to the left.


So Biden got up with his usual grin

And said, “That’s a classic political sin.

You should always look down ’fore taking a chair,

’Specially with wise-guys like ol’ Bernie there,

Who think they’ve given a permanent shove,

To our party’s core and the nation thereof.”


And striking bold stance leaning on the chair’s back,

He said, “I’ll just stand, since you all show a lack

Of true recognition of what I stand for:

Civil rights, health care, and concern for the poor,

All that I fought for when you guys were teenies,

The prob’ being then we had Bush and his meanies.”


Bernie said, “Hold on, Joe, you’re stretching too far,

You’re selling a rusted bald-tire used car.

Sure, you have some qualities worthy of Dems,

But of them your leftist cred much haws and hems.

Miss America might for dog-catcher run,

But lose on a platform of fashion and fun.


“So if you’re planning the Centrist Waddle,

With HRC as your political model,

Remember her message did squat on the stump,

And got mashed to fodder by sleaze-master Trump,

So this time around we do poor versus rich:

That’s the best way to leave Don in the ditch.”


But Joe said “No, there’s room for us all,”

And gave the table a mighty great haul

Back to the center and admonished the rest

To support his nom’ after he’s won the quest,

Which he might do when it’s all said and done,

And means that Trump has re-election near won.







My latest novel. A false-flag operation in New Jersey may turn into war on Iran.

A massive banana-plantations strike in Ecuador brings out the best and worst, the comic and the tragic, in American scheming.

A brilliant prison escape, or really an FBI espionage operation?

A businessman reunites by chance with a girl he gave advice to on a short plane ride 7 years earlier. She took his advice: now she's the star of a Broadway dance show.

A presidential election is gamed by one person who, despite exposure and national humiliation, goes on to become a national icon.

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